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Peking University, the most prestigious university in China, invites you to participate in the Travel-Study Program in the summer of 2008.  Our mission is to provide you with a great opportunity to acquire a first-hand understanding of the Chinese language, culture, and history, while living and traveling in China.


Our program features a well-designed combination of campus study (S-term) and cultural tour (T-term).  With much renovation, the 2008 program features a dual theme of “culture and nature.”  On the culture side are pilgrim trips to the ancient history and teachings. On the nature side are visits to the Three Gorges, where represents the ultimate encounter between culture and nature. 


The SPKU program is unique in many other ways.  It is concurrent to the tide of the China Fever that sweeps across the world, and provides a timely language and culture training for those in need and want.  A three-week immersive study will yield as much as a whole-quarter conventional course work, according to educational specialists.  In the term of campus study, erudite professors of Peking University will introduce and demonstrate, a wide spectrum of Chinese culture and society, and prepare you for the trip intellectually as well as spiritually.  When you actually get on the roads, at least two English-speaking scholars will be with you in the tour.  They will serve as the “living encyclopedia” of the subject when you want more information and understanding, share with you insights of today’s China, and tell compelling stories that are buried under the glorious present and hidden behind the beautiful scenes.  


This program is perfect for those who, after a whole-year’s hard work, hope to break free from the monotonic classroom study but do not want to simply suspend the academic progression and intellectual growth.  The SPKU Program will confer certificate to those who successfully complete the study, and award them academic credits transferable to their home institutions.      


SPKU Travel-Study Program (Summer 2008)


SPKU Travel-Study Program in summer 2008 is consisted of two integrated terms: the term for study at Peking University (S-term) and the term for the cultural tour (T-term).



Class Building, Beijing University


Three Gorges, the Yangtze River


S-Term: Study Program at PKU (3 Weeks)

§       45 hours of intensive Chinese language classes: our program offers two levels of Chinese classes, the elementary and the intermediate.  Tutoring is also available for those who wish to have advanced or specialized Chinese study.  Tutoring hours will be arranged on individual basis.


§       7~8 seminars on Chinese history and culture: the seminars will be lectured by Peking University professors who are specialized in the subjects of Chinese culture and history.  The seminar topics include, but not limited to, Chinese calligraphy and fine arts, Beijing opera, Beijing’s traditional architecture, Chinese society and thoughts, Chinese women’s lives, etc.


§       5~6 cultural trips in and around Beijing: our program will provide students with the opportunities to visit Beijing’s historical and cultural sites, including the Great Wall, the Ming Tombs, the Summer Palace, the Tian’anmen Square, and more.  The students will also be arranged to taste famous Beijing roast duck and other Chinese cuisine, see Beijing opera, enjoy acrobatic performance, and socialize with Chinese college students.



T-Term: Extented Cultural Tour (1 week)


Southwest China and Three Gorges Tour:  This new route is selected for the participants to experience Chinese culture, nature and history.  The theme of Southwest China Tour is the historical encounters with nature, featuring tours of major pilgrim sites of Sanxingdui and Three Gorges in the Yangtze River.



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